A tire company in Asia was planning the major launch of a new RADIAL TIRE in the car and truck segment… both for the OEM and Replacement market. Radial tires were fast becoming the new choice of customers and our client was almost a decade behind the eight ball.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge we faced was that the competition… all five of them major players were very well entrenched in the minds of consumers and to make matters more challenging there was a price war that reduced profit margins making it very difficult for a new entrant to make any headway.

Our Strategy

We conducted a lot of research at the OEM and patient levels and much to our surprise found that Corporate Image played a big role in tire purchase. With this is mind we dug deeper to find out what were the big “inducers” to influence the tire buying decision. Unanimously it was the influence of sports and film celebrities that would make an instant difference so we proceeded with recruiting a few sports brand ambassadors to act as our client’s spokespersons. We also conducted widespread media campaigns and sponsored major sporting events to draw attention to the launch of the new radial our client was launching. In our ad campaigns we showed our client’s tire effortlessly being driven over treacherous mountains and in desert terrains.

The Results

The results of our revolutionary strategies world like a charm. The sports hero linkage was both instant and dramatic and tire dealers and distributors who up until now ignored our client started calling and calling pleading with requests to stick their tires. Fascinatingly, despite the prevalent price war with the competition our client was able to command a premium for their tires and the moral of the troops in the filed went from sagging to soaring. All in all a very satisfying experience in all fronts.


We invest the time to understand our clients' goals.


We conduct “mystery' research” to understand the competitive landscape.


We suggest both conventional and outside-the-box strategies to meet your needs.


We ensure unmatched results that are tangible and sustainable.


We assiduously evaluate ways to raise the bar.

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