When it comes to aesthetics BOTOX is the first and last word that comes to mind. Well, long story short our new client wanted to introduce a competing option to this giant and was very particular we adhered to very strict guidelines surrounding the launch.

The Challenge

We were bluntly told by aestheticians, dermatologists and the trade not to waste our time because BOTOX is BOTOX and nothing else was needed. Besides Botox was being used cosmetically and medially in over 250 indications so there really was no point in anything else.

Our Strategy

WeGiven Canada’s diverse and multi-cultured population we decided to run several campaigns showing women from different ethnicities obtain outstanding results with this new option FOR 25% LESS than what it would take with Botox. We also took great pains to produce CNN level picture quality for outstanding videos involving leading aestheticians and also patients. The key in our campaign is to take Girl Next Door individuals and show natural and stellar results. Last but not least all the content was UNSCRIPTED and this gave the campaign a natural look that made all the difference.

The Results

First and foremost sales had immediate uptake and because our models/ consumers came from all strata of society the impact and awareness was both widespread and sustained. More satisfying than anything else was to see the experts who once had little or no belief were now the most trusted followers of our client’s new products.


We invest the time to understand our clients' goals.


We conduct “mystery' research” to understand the competitive landscape.


We suggest both conventional and outside-the-box strategies to meet your needs.


We ensure unmatched results that are tangible and sustainable.


We assiduously evaluate ways to raise the bar.

Quote of the Week

Only dead fish go with the flow.

Andy Hunt - Pragmatic Thinking and Learning