A large 5 Star hotel group was looking take a SLICE of the burgeoning Bed n Breakfast market by introducing a low cost functional chain for this seemingly infinite market. While there were the mom and pop BNBs they wanted to offer something a little more upscale without breaking the bank.

The Challenge

Because of the market the client was foraying into campaign funds were limited and we had to come up with ways of stretching every marketing dollar. As well, since customers in this market were very discerning we had to show that our client’s offering was worth every additional penny over traditional BNB.

Our Strategy

Our research showed three clear winners from a strategy perspective. ONLINE, metro advertising and at train stations were commuters flocked in the tens of thousands.

The Results

Our no nonsense approach worked wonderfully well. for less that 15% extra consumers saw immediate benefit in added security, clean surroundings and of course the spotless linen in our campaigns. Sales began to soar and within a few months our client began to expand their operation by more than 100%…including similar hotels in other states.


We invest the time to understand our clients' goals.


We conduct “mystery' research” to understand the competitive landscape.


We suggest both conventional and outside-the-box strategies to meet your needs.


We ensure unmatched results that are tangible and sustainable.


We assiduously evaluate ways to raise the bar.

Quote of the Week

Only dead fish go with the flow.

Andy Hunt - Pragmatic Thinking and Learning