A major pharma client was introducing a MIGRAINE drug for the first time and had no experience in the area. Canada was being used as a test market before the multimillion dollar launch in the US. It was therefore imperative that mistakes were minimized and the client obtained critical patient and physician insights to understand market dynamics in the pre-launch phase so that the launch would be seamless and archiving objectives of the marketing team.

The Challenge

There were several challenges: the market was dominated by a much larger and aggressive competitor; physician loyalty to the competition seemed formidable and Quebec, a major market for introduction and penetration seemed to be the competitor’s fortress.

Our Strategy

We decided to adopt a completely revolutionary strategy: unlike any previous pharma mandate we decided to take a GRASSROOTS approach and identified over 100 patients whose migraines were ineffectively treated. We also identified key OPINION LEADERS willing to try the new medication so that we could obtain instant BRAND CREDIBILITY for our client and their drug. As a completely out of the box idea we also identified four key media (in Toronto and Montreal) who were willing to try the medication by asking their physicians for a prescription. In all our discussions with patients and physicians we stressed the product USP of Relief in 20 minutes, in most cases.

The Results

Much to our surprise all the above strategies were a RUNAWAY success. Unlike most other medical conditions the most significant symptom of a migraine is pain and our position of symptom relief in 20 minutes worked like a charm. At our two press conferences we invited patients and media who had used the medication to be our spokespersons and the media coverage was SENSATIONAL, appearing on prime time television and radio the same day, across the country. Needless to mention the client was most impressed but the icing on the cake was when reps started calling head office saying that sales uptake had been instant and phenomenal and that pharmacies were refining orders at twice the expected rate.


We invest the time to understand our clients' goals.


We conduct “mystery' research” to understand the competitive landscape.


We suggest both conventional and outside-the-box strategies to meet your needs.


We ensure unmatched results that are tangible and sustainable.


We assiduously evaluate ways to raise the bar.

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