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Grey Matter is renowned for its creative advertising and content capabilities across a wide spectrum of industries, including real estate, medicine, consumer goods, food, hospitality and sports.For over two decades, we have worked with more than 100 brands, many of them Fortune 500 companies, which is a testimony of the trust vested in us by the most respected corporations around the world.

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A major strength of Grey Matter is our ability to offer our clients high-end, results-oriented marketing solutions for today’s competitive business environment. This is possible because Grey Matter executives have led marketing teams at the national and global levels and have a deep and strategic understanding of different industries.As an expert marketing agency, what also sets us apart is our ability to think globally yet act locally and make an impact in the shortest timeframe.

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Branding is Grey Matter’s core competency. So let the adrenaline of our exceptional creative and marketing services teams in Toronto, Houston and Gurgaon make your product roar above the crowd through vibrant branding that is both memorable and revolutionary.We will study all the elements of your brand identity before coming up with a spectacular and sustainable branding campaign.

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Taking Your Brand from Awareness, to Preference, to Insistence. Public relations is one of the things we do best. In fact, we are so confident in our ability to give our clients an unmatched return on investment that we are one of the few firms to offer performance-based compensation.This is our guarantee that if we do not meet your requirements, we do not get paid. No questions asked! We have successfully managed public relations services for several corporate giants like 3M, Pfizer, Bayer, GSK, Unilever, Novartis, Astra Zeneca, Mitsubishi, and Procter & Gamble.

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Grey Matter is an expert on all things web design, development and SEO/SEM. If you google web designers, you will get a plethora of so-called professionals, all touting their unique abilities. But if you dig deeper to see their experience, work samples and customer understanding, you will find a different story altogether. That is because web design is an intricate combination of art and science. What makes Grey Matter proficient in this area are three things: our thorough understanding of most industries, our deeply rooted penchant for producing creative content and achieving marketing excellence, and our solid team of IT experts who ensure your website is in perfect technical shape.

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We invest the time to understand our clients' goals.


We conduct “mystery' research” to understand the competitive landscape.


We suggest both conventional and outside-the-box strategies to meet your needs.


We ensure unmatched results that are tangible and sustainable.


We assiduously evaluate ways to raise the bar.

Client Testimonials

Orchid Jahanshahi, Marketing Manager. Biogen Canada

I wanted to thank you for all your help before and during the press efforts with the NAbs story. It turned out that Canada was one of the few places in the world that got good press coverage. In fact, our press release was picked up in Europe a couple of times. Your strong efforts, good insights and relentless passion for our business is what has made us successful in this arena. Thanks for your ongoing support.

Shachin Ghelani, Assistant Brand Manager, Unilever Canada Inc.

Yesterday was the ThermaSilk and Ashlee Simpson event at Massey Hall and I wanted to let you know the team did a phenomenal job in executing it. It was absolutely flawless....

Marlane Oliver, Anchor, 680 News

As prime time news anchor and health reporter for 680 News, I need the very latest and most comprehensive medical, health and lifestyle information for my listeners, delivered clearly and concisely. And Grey Matter's professionals are there for me with the details I need and all my questions answered. Their campaigns are truly “The News Consumers Can Use.” By the way, in case I've never told you, I use your releases as examples of how it should be done when I lecture at Centennial's PR course or for the CPRA.

Steve Jacobs, Reporter, CFTO-TV

Grey Matter is well organized and well managed. Its clear and innovative campaigns make my job as a reporter easier.

David Churchill, Fournier

I found Grey Matter's work to be professional and thorough, with the final outcome being a well-received press conference with no surprises.

Dr. George Steiner, Head, WHO Collaborating, Centre for the Study of Atherosclerosis in Diabetes

The whole organization has been a real pleasure with which to work. They were sensitive to the issues and handled them quickly, accurately and with grace. I would, and indeed have, commended Grey Matter to others.

John Holland, Product Manager, Astrazeneca

Fantastic reach! A potential 22 million Canadians received the message that Zomig works for women with migraine. This result is solely due to the wonderful and professional relationship which you have with the media!

Daniel Livernoche

Really appreciated working with the Grey Matter team. Your dedication to the project was exemplary. The press conferences were a success. It’s great when you can have fun and deliver the goods at the same time!

Jean- Pierre Despress, Ph. D., Professor and Associate Director

My colleagues and I were delighted by your careful and thoughtful approach and we believe that a significant portion of the success of the press conference was a consequence of your great input. As far as we are concerned, everything was perfect and the media attention that we received was more than we expected.

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