1. We focus on keeping the company story real! 

People may think PR is all gloss, but, in fact, it pays to keep things real. Not every brand has a tight, easily told story, and some have complicated, dull, or even questionable histories.  Our PR strategy focuses on overcoming those issues and crafting the company story that is most authentic and most simply told. Your brand story should have a beginning, middle and end like any good tale. It may include a problem to be solved and a “hero” of sorts – humans (like a founder, customers or employees), or possibly a differentiating technology. We focus on keeping things real!

2. Allow us (the agency) creative freedom

One of the greatest accomplishments of a PR partnership is when a client trusts a PR team enough to let them pitch story angles free from oversight and micromanaging. Some of our best opportunities have come because the team seized on a newsworthy moment that they knew a client could leverage and ran with it. Of course this kind of trust doesn’t happen overnight. It’s incumbent upon us to demonstrate sound thinking and earn results from the start of the relationship. Ultimately smart PR strategists get to know their clients so well that they can size up a media opportunity, pitch it with aplomb and seamlessly work to make it happen.

3. Know that not everything is news

Once a company has engaged a PR firm, some teams assume everything they do is worthy of press attention but the last thing any brand wants to do is beat media over the head with non-news. A key component of stellar media relations is knowing what stories to pitch and to whom. PR agencies are there to help clients understand the difference between what may make an interesting blog or social media post, or inclusion in the company newsletter vs. genuine news for public consumption.

4. Constantly merchandise positive PR results

The campaign is going well – positive press and analytics that prove people are responding. No laurel-resting here! Take charge of packaging results to share internally with the decision-makers who can approve the next round of PR funding. And, share externally on all social media platforms and other communications channels. An email newsletter or simple update to customers, prospects, potential business partners can be very effective. And, importantly, don’t forget to update the company press page. This is often the first click an interested party makes when visiting a site, and keeping it up to date is critical.

5. We keep up with trends and use them for your advantage

One of the most important strategies involves visual storytelling. It’s easier than ever to create video to complement an announcement or demonstrate a new product or service. Automation and other tech tools can make editing, posting, and tracking a breeze. At the same time, as traditional advertising spend decreases for many brands, creative use of digital and mobile content is on the rise. Marketers are also expanding their influencer networks to amplify creative content and add an extra dimension to brand storytelling.

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