For any business, reputation is one of the most valuable assets. Good public relations promote positive publicity and brand-building. On the other hand, a negative issue not handled correctly can hurt your business.

The worst thing is that the damage can take years to rectify. There are many ways a brand can take a toll, ranging from unfavorable media coverage to online rants and rumors. If you want to mitigate the damage they will cause, you need to know the right way to treat them. One of the best ways to deal with negative publicity is to work with an established PR agency in Toronto.

Here are a few tips for handling unfavorable publicity:

  1. Addressing the Root of the Issue

If you want to deal with the problem efficiently, you need to address the source of rumors or online tweetstorm. It is most likely your competitor that will start a rumor about your brand or an unsatisfied customer ranting online. Instead of putting out small fires all over the place by addressing retweets or posts, you should localize the efforts on them.

If they are wrong, offer facts rather than bursting out on them. And if they’re correct, you should apologize. It is best to take a positive approach and assertively answer the negative narrative.

  1. Admitting When You’re Incorrect

If the criticism stems from your own mistakes, admitting it is the best possible way to maintain trust and dignity. People will more likely appreciate it if you apologize for your errors. Doing the opposite, like trying to cover up or avoid responsibility, can lead to distrust and resentment.

A business that admits its own faults will always try to resolve the problem in the future, one that doesn’t will likely make those mistakes again.

  1. Making Amends

When the blame is on your business, it is your responsibility to resolve the issue. If you try to make amends to your customers, they will feel you care about them. Because social media has become a powerful tool, even one customer’s problem can create havoc for your brand.

Take feedbacks and use it as a means to grow and improve. It is better to lose some money by issuing a refund than losing much more in sales if customers remain unsatisfied and keep complaining. In addition, a good PR that you will gain by dealing with an issue in an approachable way can be beneficial for your business.

Working with a professional PR agency in Toronto is probably the best way to deal with negative publicity. Keep in mind that public relation is an art, and art is intertwined with emotion. Look for an established PR firm that can relate to your business.

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